About Carlo

I'm Carlo, a Front End Developer and Visual Designer, and novice UX Designer. I educated in visual arts in Milan (Italy) and in my early twenties I studied medicine, where I achieved the highest marks in psychology, biology, and genetic. However, creativity ultimately won over clinics.

HTML5 and CSS3 (and relative preprocessors like Sass and LESS) are the fields where I'm the strongest. I am as well proficient in (and passionate about) JavaScript and JS libraries, especially AngularJS, NodeJS, and ReactJs.

As visual designer I hate the awkward feeling when I have to "design in the vacuum", therefore I educated myself in User Experience (UX).

I am familiar with Agile development and Lean UX, and I put efforts in following those principles in my daily routine.

In order to grow professionally I run few personal projects that also serves as demos and portfolio.

Beside work, my other passions are mostly related to sport, travels, and readings. I’ve intensively practiced CrossFit, BasketBall, Acro Yoga, and Power Lifting, and I am an hungry reader of anything SciFi.